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MCPS Students, Staff, and Community:
We need your help to fully fund our schools

Before the FINAL VOTE on MAY 18, 2023:


or call 240- 777-7900 and share the following:


(Make sure to add your name at the opening and closing. Feel free to mention your favorite features of the budget or why investing in education is important to you!)

Dear Councilmembers,

My name is (name) and I am a (student/teacher/staff member/parent) of Montgomery County Public Schools. 


I am writing to urge you to pass a budget that fully funds MCPS, in order to support our students' futures and invest in the next generation. The Board of Education's proposed operating budget for the 2023-2024 school year includes features that will drive the recruitment and retention of educators, provide equitable access to college and career readiness resources, and increase student achievement in math and literacy. Now, more than ever, is it critical that we invest in education to innovate student learning, provide new opportunities, and create safer schools.

I strongly ask that you fully support this investment into our schools, our students, and the future of Montgomery County. We're counting on you!



Learn more:


On February 23rd, the board voted to pass a historic $3.2 billion proposed operating budget with features including:

  • Free AP and IB exams

  • $120 million towards increasing staff pay

  • College application resources

  • A bus tracking app

  • Equitable access to courses online

  • increased security presence

  • Support for student mental health

  • and more!

Now, the County Council will vote on their budget which will allocate funding to MCPS. We have until then to advocate and convince the councilmembers to fully fund the school system, so we can bring all these features to MCPS schools next school year. 

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