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Meet Arvin

My family and I moved to Montgomery County almost a decade ago, when I was in the second grade. We were hopeful of the new opportunity and education our new home would provide. When I got involved in student advocacy in the sixth grade, I held the same beliefs as I did then.

Since starting my journey in advocacy, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of students from across the county. Students who have inspired me for the past 5 years and students who have inspired me to run for SMOB, today.

I am a firm believer in equity and building an MCPS that works for everyone. In my experience I have lobbied in the Maryland General Assembly and testified to the Board of Education, all to support student needs. I will bring this fight to the board table and work to create a better MCPS.

I am a  graduate of Walt Whitman High School.

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Experience: ​

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