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Student Life

Learning During Covid-19

  • Creating safe and healthy environments in schools

  • Using funding to provide resources to recover losses in learning from Covid-19

  • Making virtual options for learning accessible for all students

  • Expanding access to vaccines and tests for all MCPS students

  • Prioritizing student physical and mental health 

  • Supporting the MCPS Virtual Academy and providing online courses for students enrolled in their home high schools

  • Continuing to safely host school activities, virtual and in-person

School Safety

  • Prioritizing student mental health with outreach and resources

  • Ensuring school administrations take student security concerns seriously and respond to them immediately

  • Implementing transparent communication between the school and the community as security concerns unfold

  • Challenging the school-to-prison pipeline and creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students

  • Ensuring the the police (Community Engagement Officers) are completely removed from schools to prevent the continuation of disproportionate arrests of Black and Latinx students and students with disabilities 

School Lunches

  • Providing free lunches and breakfasts to all students

  • Accommodating for all diets with more vegan and gluten-free options

  • Creating an open-campus policy during lunches at all high schools

  • Ensuring lunches are 45 minutes long at every school

  • Allowing students to use phones and other devices during lunch

Transparent Grading Policies

  • Creating fair and transparent grading policies

  • Communicating grading policies to students, families, and teachers

  • Allowing students to easily dispute unfair and inaccurate grades

  • Requiging grades to be entered quickly so students may see their grade before the end of each interim, quarter, and semester

  • Ensuring that teachers assign a grade no lower than 50 percent to a task or assessment

Staffing and Hiring

  • Hiring teachers and staff to reflect and meet the needs of MCPS students

  • Hiring a diverse team of teachers and staff to reflect the diversity of MCPS students

  • Continuing and promoting Teacher Signing Day (signing MCPS Students to jobs within MCPS after college)

  • Using funding from the old 3 million dollar School Resource Officer budget to hire more school psychologists in every school

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