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Student Voice

Student Representation

  • Requiring that student voices are represented in all decision-making 

  • Regularly updating current courses and creating new courses based on student feedback

  • Providing and promoting opportunities for student input 

  • Creating and instituting a brief, standardized student feedback form given throughout the year

  • Collecting input on curriculum, student safety and wellness, school culture, and student support

  • Hosting community events, town halls, and forums open to all students 

  • Collecting student feedback via a brief, standardized form given throughout the year

Community Events

  • Hosting community events including Board of Education town halls, forums, hearings, and stakeholder meetings

  • Coordinating outreach to plan forums at times and locations that are accessible to the community

  • Increasing accessibility by providing opportunities at locations across the county as well as offering a virtual option

  • Providing students and families with the opportunity to meet with MCPS decision makers to elevate their voices

  • Promoting community events and advocacy opportunities to every student in MCPS

SMOB Advisory Cabinet

  • Building a team of students from every middle and high school in MCPS to assist the SMOB in representing the student voice

  • Working with a diverse group of students, representative of MCPS' student population

  • Host meetings in varying locations across MCPS open to all students

Opportunities for Students

  • Hosting and promoting opportunities for student advocacy including Board of Education town halls, forums, hearing, and stakeholder meetings

  • Creating a SMOB Advisory Council open to all students to represent everyone’s needs

  • Providing school clubs and student organizations with funding and grants from MCPS

  • Creating and promoting opportunities to work within MCPS (Teacher Signing Day, Student Aides)

  • Working to register 100% of eligible student voters in MCPS

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